2024 All Valley Championship Logo

Welcome to the All Valley Championship!

The All Valley Championship is an exciting tournament that offers Olympic-style sparring with two rounds, and a two-match guarantee. For the safety of all of our competitors, all of our rings are matted. We will be using electronic Daedo scoring for all sparring divisions.

Our event is pre-registration only, which allows us to more efficiently manage our competition, so you won't have to spend an entire day in a gymnasium.

The All Valley Championship is an opportunity for your students to gain invaluable experience competing against some of the best players from around the Pacific Northwest while being judged fairly and accurately.

Best regards,

Gary Martin
Tournament Director

PS - Don't miss our Obstacle Course event! This fun event is for athletes ages 11 years & under. Competitors will race in heats of 4 age-appropriate competitors as the run, jump, weave and crawl through our challenging course that will test their speed and agility.