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2022 All Valley Championship

Tournament Schedule

All times are estimated. All athletes should arrive a minimum of one hour prior to their event. Athletes that arrive less than one hour prior to event may lose the opportunity to compete in their respective age division.

8:00 - 9:00 AM

Obstacle Course (all competitors 11 years & under)
2 athletes per heat - segregated by age
Separate competition area is dedicated to all Obstacle Course athletes.

9:00 - 11:00 AM

Age divisions: 5 years & under and 6-7 years)
Events: Forms, Weapons, Board Breaking, Sparring. Athletes will start being called to their appropriate rings at 8:30AM.

11:15 - 2:30 PM

Age divisions: 8-9 years and 10-11 years
Events: Forms, Weapons, Board Breaking, Sparring

2:30 - 5:00 PM

Age divisions: 12-14 years, 15-17 years, 18-32 years, 33 years & above
Events: Forms, Weapons, Board Breaking, Sparring


Event #1: Traditional Forms

Judges will look for power, speed, focus, balance, rhythm, breathing, synchronized movements, accurate targets, and the correct form for all athlete's under black belt. The forms division will allow two athletes to compete at the same time. The winner of the two competitors will advance to the next round.

Event #2: Weapons Forms

Judges will be looking for mastery of the weapon, power, intensity, and creativity. Ninety-second-time limit. No sharp weapons allowed.

Event #3: Board Breaking - Flying Side Kick

Board-breaking athletes must supply their board. Boards are available for purchase at the tournament. Each athlete is allowed one board to break. Athletes will have three attempts, and after the third attempt, the athlete is disqualified. Board sizes will depend on the age of the athlete. Breaking is scored like the forms competition, and competitors will earn bonus points for flying over an obstacle, which can be set from 1-4 foot height increments. The higher the obstacle, the more bonus points an athlete will earn. Athletes who choose not to fly over an obstacle will not gain bonus points.

Event #4: Olympic Sparring (Two-match Guarantee)

All sparring rings will use Daedo electronic scoring. Sparring divisions will be double-elimination. Participants must wear head gear, chest guard, forearm pads, shin/instep pads, mouthpiece and groin cups (male only). Electronic chest gear is not required. Gear used for traditional or point sparring - foam boots and foam chops or gloves are not permitted. All matches will be two - one-minute rounds with a 30-second rest.

All beginner divisions and ages 11 years and under are not allowed any contact to the head or face. Ages 12 years and over are permitted controlled contact to the head with the foot-absolutely no striking to the head with the hands. Points are scored from a displacement of the body. No techniques are permitted below the belt. Any abrasion or bleeding caused by contact will result in a loss. Black belt adults will follow modified USAT rules.

Event: Obstacle Course

Athletes 11 years and younger will compete with other athletes in a similar age group and race around a challenging obstacle course. This event is conducted in a room dedicated to obstacle course athletes.