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The undersigned gives the instructors, staff, and responsible adult the power to authorize medical or other treatment of the person named below under “Competitor’s Name,” subject to the limitation listed below. If I am not the person so named, I am the parent, guardian, or adult responsible for the person named, and I have the legal right to grant this power. Treatment may be made without regard to whether I or any other parent, guardian or adult responsible has been contacted or has consented to the specific treatment, provided it does not conflict with the limitation outlined below. This authority begins on the date signed.

I understand that the EMT or others may have some skill in first aid and CPR. At their discretion, I authorize them to use those skills and techniques to assist in any circumstance they deem their skills necessary or helpful.


Martial arts tournaments are a potentially dangerous activity. Bumps, bruises, scrapes, scratches, and soreness are commonplace, and most competitors will encounter this sort of minor injury from time to time during the tournament. More serious injuries are possible, including sprains, strains, twists, cramps, concussions, and injuries of similar magnitude, and competitors can expect to encounter these injuries infrequently. The possibility of more serious harm exists, including fractured bones, broken bones, and torn ligaments, though not all competitors experience such serious injuries. There remains, despite safety precautions, the remote possibility of crippling or death, though this is certainly not expected in this martial arts tournament.

I understand the above statement of risk, and I know the rights and responsibilities of competitors. I assume responsibility for my safety (or my child's safety), understanding and accepting the risks involved with this martial arts tournament. Even if my instructor or the tournament staff has informed me that no serious injuries have ever happened at this tournament, I understand that this does not mean that there is no possibility of harm. By assuming this risk, I completely absolve all instructors, staff, guests, competitors, school(s), Martial Arts America, LLC, The All Valley Martial Arts Championship, the promoter, and any other parties of liability for my harm, unless intentionally caused in criminal conduct.